Interior Victorian Paint Color styles: Selecting Authentic Historical Paints for Your Home

Victorian houses, whether authentically historical or contemporary replicas, look best when painted in traditionally suitable colors. Choosing shades that blend with the architecture of your house will produce a pleasing combination in your house's interior.

Victorian Architecture

If your home was developed between the years of about 1850 and 1920, mainly throughout the reign of Queen Victoria, possibilities are it is Victorian in appearance. There are different types of Victorian architecture, for instance Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, Second Empire, Stick-Eastlake, and Italianate.

Colors From Nature

Normally, when selecting interior Victorian house colors for the interior of your home, stick to colors discovered in nature. Victorians liked all things nature (they collected butterfly specimens, ferns, and even bugs) and desired their home's colors to match the great outdoors. Deep tones of green, brown, rust, ochre, red, and tan are constantly great options for interior rooms in a Victorian house. Cut colors must either be dark-stained natural wood or deep brown or mahogany.

Test It

2 paint companies, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, have exceptional collections of historical paint colors, and each business offers pamphlets about Victorian periods in specific, even keeping in mind different Victorian architectural designs. that site If you have one of these retailers located near you, it would assist to get these products, in addition to some paint samples.

Paint a couple of swatches of colors you are thinking about onto your wall to identify its shade upon drying and choose if you like it for the space you are going to be painting.

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